G-Force Motorsport

Ready to start

Wednesday, 30 October 2013 18:28


By the moment the team has arrived to Portalegre where the administrative and the technical checks will take place tomorrow. And here are some pictures that can illustrate briefly how the team was preparing for the race.


The days before the very departure were hot...


packing things according to the list of 5 pages, the final checking of all the systems, tightening the doors of the sport car, checking if all the necessary things have been packed into the service car...   img 0632 n
  img 0644 n   img 0657 n   img 0645 n Every little thing is of its own importance! You have to take care not only of the spare parts, instruments and tools but also about such details of everyday racing life as the tent, the table, the kettle...

Finally everythigh is ready, is time to go. Four and a half kilometers for five days to Portalegre...

  img 0669 n