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The training and testing season 2013 completed

Friday, 29 November 2013 17:56

G-Force Proto New Line The team has completed the test and training program of the season 2013. Last week end Boris Gadasin and Sergey Fomin took part in the training that became the final after the Portugese series. The main task was to find the best adjusments for G-Force Proto New Line suspension parameters.


  The task was fulfilled completely, the car's behavior was excellent. Also the previous model G-Force Proto was tested to compare the work of suspention, and the team's Production car.

  During the tests the team received lots of useful information. The pilots trained some driving skills. All the team is quite satisfied with the results of the training and test,  the more so that there were no problems at all and everything was very positive. After that the cars came back to the team's base and mechanics started the serious rebuild and preparing them for the next season.

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  G-Force Proto New Line   G-Force Proto

  Boris Gadasin

Photo: Vyacheslav Ryabinkin