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Italian Baja 2014. Test day

Wednesday, 12 March 2014 18:25

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The official first day of Italian Baja is March 13th. But G-Force Motorsport team came to Pordenone much earlier and has a test day on March 12th.

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Before the Italian Baja some changes were made to G-Force Proto New Line, and they are being tested today. There are three important things.

After the “Russia – Northern Forest” baja we increased the maximum speed of the car by changing the transmission ratio and we will see if those changes were necessary and effective.

Yet at the beginning of the season  we modified the breaking system and significantly improved the breakes efficiency. This was tested during the winter baja. In Italy we will make the final test for the changes because Italian roads require much more breakes job.

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Also before Italian baja we finalized the suspension adjustments. For the “Northern Forest” we tuned the front suspension, and for Italian baja  we made adjustments both for the front and the rear suspensions. During the test day we define optimal parameters for them. The first impressions are quite good. The car is excellent and stays on the track as  if it was “glued” to it.