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Friday, 27 August 2010 02:51

The team's 2010 calendar includes the Hungarian Baja. This year's stage of the International Cross-country Baja will be held on the new route not far from Budapest. The organizers promise the race will be interesting with sandy terrains and complicated from the steering point of view.


Sunday, 25 July 2010 18:47


 Baja Spain has concluded. It was full of events, interesting and ambiguous event. On the plus side is brilliant driving of Boris Gadasin. The fight with the manufacturers’ teams proved that even with the deficient budget, despite unavailability of the tyres used by the manufacturers we can and should contend with the manufacturers teams. And5 there still are more goals to be achieved – the car should be further improved and we should practice more to be able to compete with Peterhansel. On the minus side, no point for the second place in the International Cup. Ho here is a brief overview of the event. 


Tuesday, 13 July 2010 19:17


The 26th of June saw the end of the final round of the Russian
Championship and Boris Gadasin was named champion for an incredible 8th time. After winning every Special Stage of the event, victory was easily assured and it was a triple celebration for Team G-Force as Viktor Volikov won the T2 class and became the Production champion of 
Russia and Team G-Force took the honours in the Manufacturers classification!


Sunday, 27 June 2010 14:40

IMG_4555The Russian Rally-Raid Championship concluded on Saturday June 26th in Latvian city Madona. The crew of Boris Gadasin and Vladimir Demyanenko, having won all selective stages, finished the race first overall and became Russian champions 2010! The son and father Volikovs (Victor and Anatoliy) took first place in Group T2 and won the Production category in the Championship! G-Force Motorsport became winners of the Manufacturers classification!

More details later, upon return to Russia :)


Friday, 28 May 2010 23:32

IMG_1243 On May 20 the Federation Internationale de l'Automobile again amended the priority list. In accordance with the regulations for the rally-raids winners and runner-ups of International Cup for Baja rounds were included into the list. Now G-Force Motorsport is represented in a list of priority up to December 31 2012! We hope that Bogdan will prove his right to be in the motorsport world.



Sunday, 02 May 2010 22:23

IMG_2680Boris Gadasin got the 4th place in Rally All Stars. The winner is Kewin Abbring from the Netherlands.


Saturday, 01 May 2010 20:10

IMG_2309The drivers are still driving the lapses but we can already tell you that Boris Gadasin has ensured a place for him in 1/8 finals. According to the rules the contestants had 4 runs and in case of three victories the contestant would enter the next round. There was no need in the fourth run for Boris. He got a flawless 3:0 victory.


IMG_2251It has been a long day. The participants were very thankful for no early wake ups – the start time was 12.00. The necessity of some changes in the layout of the race became obvious very soon. Competitors were driving only Mitsubishi’s and didn’t swap today. IMG_1965The latter was due to various body build of the drivers – the swapping required a prolonged procedure of adjusting belts and seats. Boris wasn’t too lucky with the seat – it didn’t fit and he could hardly drive.

IMG_1947The cars started to give in to the drivers’ charge quite soon. One of the cars was replaced by the back up car while its transmission was repaired. This was concern of the car owners and the drivers and the spectators savoring the splendid race.

IMG_2042The media’s attention was drawn to the only female driver in the race. Burcu Cetinkaya, a driver from Turkey has been competing since 2005. She is rallying in the country and will become the first female driver to contest an expanded programme of Intercontinental Rally Challenge events when she starts her IRC campaign on Rally d'Italia-Sardegna from 4-6 June. Burcu was very disappointed not to pass to the next level but said she was happy to participate in the event. She certainly got her share of fame – there were just about more photographers around her than around Juha Kamkkunen. The Finnish driver predictably gained an easy victory and entered 1/8 final with his fast and spectacular driving.

IMG_2001The tomorrow’s layout of competing is unclear yet. We know for sure there will be again play-off runs until three wins. However we don’t know yet which cars will they compete in? Probably it wil be rally cars first and then buggies and off-road cars. Boris Gadasin is competing with Srdjan Petrovic from Serbia. IMG_2061Boris’s chances are higher if they compete in off-road cars but smaller in case of the rally car. The Buggies will equal their chances.

Let’s root for G-Force!

1/8 finals


WIEDNER Wilfried / AUT






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Saturday, 24 April 2010 21:51

IMG_1383Here comes the first day of the real fight – 205 km special stage. After yesterday’s problems the team leader Boris Gadasin had one task – to fight back for the 26 minutes of delay. Gadasin/ Demianchenko won at the SS2 and shifted up from the 29th to the 3rd place.


Saturday, 24 April 2010 00:05

IMG_1317Bogdan Novitsky and Vitaly Evtekhov, the crew of our team were the first through the SS1. They were 10 seconds faster than their competitors at the 4-kilometer special stage! This is a great start of this long race.





Friday, 23 April 2010 01:03

IMG_1007G-Force team went to Astrakhan steppes two days before the start of 2 Round of Russian Rally-Raid Championship to get ready for the race. Members of the team came from different directions.


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