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Italian Baja 2014. The finish podium.

Monday, 17 March 2014 01:12


The intensity of struggle was really high up to the finish line! And the result for our crew is the podium!


In overall the crew of Boris Gadasin took the second place behind the Saudi Yazeed AlRajhi. Marek Dabrowski from Poland became the third.

finish stand

After the prize giving ceremony Boris Gadasin shared his impressions and future plans.

logo comerio

Italian Baja is my favorite among the others. This time there we were supported by the Italian company Comerio Ercole S.p.A. We are very grateful to our sponsor and looking forward to further effective cooperation.

We greatly enjoyed the competition. Actually, for the first time since the year of 2008, when we were fighting for the first place with Nasser AlAttiyah, we met such a strong and fast rival, and we had to attack at full throttle. We got a very nice impression of Yazeed. I am sure that if he continues to compete in cross-country, his career might be comparable with Nasser’s. And that is what we wish him.


dsc 1508 dsc 2155 dsc 2210

Italian Baja was always admirable for its tracks. They used to combine in halves the standard baja roads and off-road tracks with river beds, stones and so on like in big rally raids. I regret to say that this year – for the first time I can remember – the organizers due to the weather conditions were forced to exclude our favorite part of track about 30 or 40 off-road kilometers. So the full race distance stayed classical, interesting, intense, but it was exactly the baja.


dsc 1553 33 27

The final day of Italian baja passed – unfortunately for us - in other way than we expected. At the first lap consisted of two selective stages we got some small issue with our brakes. As it turned out at service, there was a leak in the front right caliper. The issue was fixed up during the service time, so we tried to raise our pace at the last lap, but this was not enough. Though at the final SS we seemed to attack very energetically, the time was not very good. We will examine the car after we return home to St Petersburg to exclude the issues with the driving force.

In Italy we always feel love of the audience to our crew. The logo of the Italian company on our car’s sides attracted much more interest to the crew from the audience and media. People come before the start and after the finish of the stages, and during the service and ask questions. We tell them about Comerio Ercole S.p.A. and its fields of activity.

39 dsc 0962   34

A few words about our car. Alexey Kuzmich told me he was pleased to found how fast and comfortable the car turned out after  the suspension adjustments. That means that in comparison with the previous model, in this car the stress acting on the body reduced significantly. Both photo and video show the stability of the car either  in jumps or in ditches, and the car is very comfortable for the vertebra. It is a very positive point.

41 37 29


We are planning three more testing days in Astrakhan to work with the suspension in local conditions. I suppose, after that we would be able to consider the suspension adjustment completed by 80 per cent. Then we will hone trivial matters. On my sensations, the car has a great sports future. This competition was only the third one for the car in its present specification. For such a young project the tempo demonstrated both at “Russia – Northern Forest” and at Italian Baja was very stable and fast. And among all the strong rivals there was nobody except Yazeed who could really compete with our car in the speed. We are very pleased with this fact.

36 40 024

So the next stop is Astrakhan! The Russian Cross Country Championship’s round  - The Gold of Kagan - starts there on the 16th of April.

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